Meet the XXV Board (2022-2023)

Buenos días/Bom dia,


Nice to meet you. We are Liselotte (president), Isabel (Secretary), Verena (Treasurer), Djura (Activities manager), Annie (Activities manager), Willemien (Activities manager), Mariza (Confidant), Arthur (Newsletter) and Sofie (Social Media Manager) and we are excited to be the 25th board of Interlatina. 


We are here to combine interesting and educational activities with fun while you build your LAS network. We are determined to organize a lot of activities, focussed on the Latin American region: the languages, the culture, the history and more. Besides the educational activities we are also looking forward to the monthly drinks (borrel!). 


We hope you all have a year full of knowledge and enjoyment!




Liselotte, Isabel, Verena, Djura, Annie, Mariza, Willemien, Arthur, Sofie