Interlatina Committees

During the academic year of 2022-2023, Interlatina will have three different committees. We offer an Activities Committee, a Newsletter Committee, and a Travel Committee. Do not forget to mention which committee you are interested in when you mail us!

Activities Committee


As a study association, organizing and hosting different activities for all students is one of the most enjoyable things you get to do. In order to do so, we would like to have some helpful insights of our members who would like to join our Activities Committee. This is a year-round committee where you come across different events and you are the one that hosts them. It is also possible to apply for one semester only and we will hold new application rounds before the second semester starts.


Are you into planning and do you love to be present at a lot of activities we host? Then, we are looking for you. You are looking at a couple of extra hours of work per week and a lot of fun. Think about organizing something extra during the monthly drinks or preparing a fun and educational day at a museum. 

Newsletter Committee


Since the beginning of 2021 we have launched our own newsletter "Interlatina Notícias|Noticias" and we are very proud to announce that we would like to establish a Committee for our monthly newsletter. We had so much fun writing the big issue of the academic year of 2020-2021 in June that we want to publish more content per month.


Do you know how to find and write fun and interesting stories about Latin American related things? And do you have an excellent command of both the Dutch and English languages? Apply for one of this Committee's positions right now!

Travel Committee


We are looking for a couple of LAS students who would like to organize an Interlatina trip for every student. Are you a travel enthusiast and do you like planning an interesting and educational trip related to our study program? Then you are the person we need. The next trip would probably be planned in the coming academic year (2022-2023) but the sooner to begin the planning, the more magnificent it will be.


For now, Spain and Portugal have amazing places for us to visit while we can practice our language skills and still be broke students! And maybe there lies a bright future ahead of us with a well-deserved visit to a Latin American country. Who knows... So, has your wanderlust awakened (again) after the COVID limitations and would you love to help us, please mail us at

NOTE! Only Interlatina members can apply for our Committees. If you are a new student, make sure to first fill out the registration form for a membership before you apply. Thank you in advance!