Become an alumnus/alumna

Thank you for considering being an alumnus/alumna of our lovely association. This possibility was created in 2020 and the annual fee is 5 euros. It is possible to become an alumnus/alumna if you:

1) have been a member of Interlatina in the past while studying LAS and have graduated;

2) have studied LAS (BA, MA, ResMA) in the past but were not a member (e.g. due to inactivity of the association).


We offer updates of interesting seminars in our career field for you to join. Additionally, we would like to host alumni-drinks at the end of the academic year. It is also possible to help us with the annual LAS Career Event by telling your story about your job or field of work, sharing tips, and extending your network with current students. 


For registration, email us at with your name, email address, and which year you graduated in.